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The Bloodwood Tree.

Historically Indigenous Australians used the desert bloodwood tree for traditional medicine. The exudate from the trunk or branches was diluted and used as an antiseptic treatment of facial cuts and sores. Larger leaves were also useful for staunching wounds. The red bark kino can be stripped from the tree and mixed in water then consumed for diarrhoea as well as for indigestion and chest pain. The wood from the tree was also used by Indigenous peoples to make spear-throwers, digging bowls and carrying vessels. As Easter approaches I view the cross that Jesus died on like the bloodwood tree. From the Easter tree/cross so many benefits flow. There is deep peace and joy, healing for inner sorrow and painful wounds and the easing of fear and anxiety. All of this is accessible through faith because of God's immense love for us as revealed in the Easter event.


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