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Year of the pig

Pigs really have been given a bad rap. This thought occurred to me as we enter the Chinese year of the pig

. I started to list some of the derogatory uses of pig in the English language such as: you eat like a pig, pig out, stuffed like a pig, greedy as a pig, your room is a pig stye, you smell like a pig, piggy ( fat ), bleed like a pig, sweat like a pig (even though they do not sweat and have to roll in mud to keep cool), pigs ( police ), snouts in the trough , pork barreling (politicians), hog wash, pigs fly ( impossible to believe ), pigs eye, pigs arse, porkie pie ( to tell a lie), road hog, don’t throw pearls before swine, pig headed, male chauvinist pig, and the list goes on. Other animals don’t get the same treatment and I am sure pigs have sensitive natures so this year I am going to watch my language. I do like bacon and eggs though!

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