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Lynton has a number of beautifully illustrated books for sale. These books can be purchased $20 for 1 book

$35  for 2 books

$50  for 3 or more books

plus postage

For orders please

Koala Tails

Koala Tails SAMPLE 01.jpg

Why am I different? What worth am I?

These time-honoured questions are explored in a colourful and humorous way through the eyes of Grumbles the koala. As Grumbles embarks on his personal journey of discovery, you will also be introduced to many of the unique animals living in the Australian bush.

Good Sam

Front Cover p1.jpg

Driving through the night over sacred country and under the dreamtime sky, Sam headed to the nearest community....

Painting with the vivid colours of outback Australia, Lynton retells the classic parable of "The Good Samaritan". As with the original intent of the parable,this storybook will ask of us the question, "who is my neighbour or who am I a friend to?"

The Prodigal

The Prodigal Son Cover.jpg

In the heartland of Australia there was a cattle station owner who had two sons....

With the colours of the Australian outback on his palette, Lynton retells the timeless story of "The Prodigal" with stunning and thought provoking art work.

As with the original intent of Jesus, this storybook will open your eyes to a fresh way of seeing the grace filled presence of God in your life.

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