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Angels come in strange and unexpected disguises as illustrated by a women I meet in North Queensland . She shared about a personal dark state of mind and being that she had been trapped in while living in a remote mining community. After a number of failed suicide attempts she decided to make the next one final. downing a bottle of tables with rum she crawled under a truck and held onto the axel so no one would find her. As she lay there semi unconscious she felt a strong tug on her dress and inch by inch she was dragged out from under the truck. To her amazement it was a stray mongrel dog that she had never got on with in her street. The dog continued to drag her to the front of a house and then barked and growled until people came to see what the matter was. This women said as she was being worked on by paramedics, she sensed that there must be a God who was not going to give up on her and would at any cost reach out to her even if through a mangy dog/angel. This undeserved, reckless and wild love of that reaches out to us in all of life is the true nature of God.

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