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Birthday reflections

It’s my birthday ( and my twin brother ) today and I am entitled to a little bit of self reflection. As an aging hippie who still thinks that the music of that era is timeless and inspiring and Kombi vans evoke memories of surf and carefree adventure, I want pass on this insight. Love is the answer. No, not the drug induced, psychedelic, flower power feeling of oneness with the world , but real love. In the footsteps of the original hippie, Jesus , I want to recommit myself to the way of love he spoke about and fleshed out in his life. Love is patient; love is kind. Love isn’t envious, doesn’t boast, brag, or strut about. There’s no arrogance in love; it’s never rude, crude, or indecent—it’s not self-absorbed. Love isn’t easily upset. Love doesn’t tally wrongs or celebrate injustice; but truth—yes, truth—is love’s delight! Love puts up with anything and everything that comes along; it trusts, hopes, and endures no matter what. (1 Corth 13, the voice) To live this kind of love at home, at work, with strangers and even to those who reject or hurt you is the only way to change the world one heart at a time.

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