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Seeds of life

Life is more powerful than death, light more powerful than darkness and love more powerful than hate and anger. What ever our political leanings are, whether Labour, Liberal, Republican, Democratic or the Mickey Mouse Party, these institutions do not have the answers to our deepest needs and longings or of the worlds complex problems. The only power that can crack open the hardest heart and bring new life, the only power that can truly transform a society with beauty and wonder, the only power that can release creativity and transcendence is love. As the energy of life is latent within every seed, ready to transform the landscape, so too locked in every human being is a life that partakes of the divine -- the imago dei, image of God, it is sometimes called. What can unlock that life is when you feel loved, not abstractly or in principle but vividly and personally by another and especially the One who gave his life for us. No matter what the future holds I want to continue to nurture those seeds in my small patch of the world with words and actions of love not hate, anger or fear.

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