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Follow the finch

The small finch has a diet of grass seeds and must drink at least once every day. Early explorers learned the hard way from aboriginals that by following a flock of finches, they would be lead to water and not die of thirst. Along the spiritual journey, I too find myself at times struggling in dry, barren and desolate landscapes. My usual provisions of substance have somehow dried up and soul -wise I am thirsty and wanting. The small finch for me has come to symbolize the inner leading of God’s spirit calling me to follow and discover living water in unexpected places. Maybe it is to listen to a song that moves me or to come across a book that opens up whole new ways of seeing. Perhaps it is to be vulnerable and risk opening up to someone or go beyond myself and reach out to another in need. Either way the promptings are small, inner and quiet but always lead to joy, deep inner peace and new life. Follow the finch.

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