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Deeper water

As I think about the new year I want to go deeper. There have been a number of studies done with older people who were asked to reflect on their lives and consider what they would have done differently . The responses were surprisingly similar. They wished they had taken more time to appreciate and value the world around them at a deeper level , to have spent more time to deepen and maintain relationships and to have taken more risks instead of being afraid of the outcomes. As in the painting the young child wants to leave the shallows and venture out into the deep, this new year I also want to point my body board towards the waves and be a voyager into the deep and not just splash around in the shallows. Faith paradoxical says it is God’s desire for us to keep growing and become more responsible for our lives, mistakes and all, but at the same time remain as a child knowing that God is always with us guiding and giving courage as we launch out. Happy new year.

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