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The Turning

I know as we look into 2018 the situation in the world appears quite dark and menacing. The storm clouds of negative forces are very strong , and the voices of faith, hope and love sometimes feel very weak. But the Great Turning is indeed happening as people like Joanna Macy, Thomas Berry, Byron Katie, Ken Wilber, Frederic Laloux and Richard Rohr believe and describe, each in their own way. In his letter to the Romans, Paul beautifully says: “ Where sin increases, grace abounds all the more” (5:20). In so many places, there is the emergence of grace wildflowers transforming the landscape profoundly at all levels of society, almost in tandem with the storms of unbelievable violence, fear, and hatred all over the world. Lord, please give me eyes to see your Spirit at work and the willingness to be a life-giving seed where I have fallen.

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