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The year of the goat

In a few days I celebrate my 60th birthday and I am calling 2017 the year of the goat. Getting Old And Tired. My body is certainly reminding me that a few kilometers have rolled over on the dial and my once sleek gleaming bodywork is showing distinct wear and tear but internally there is a positive tiredness taking place. I am tired of feeling I need to save the world and instead learning to rest in what God is prompting me to do one day at a time. I am tired of thinking I need to explain and understand everything and instead learning to enjoy paradox and ambiguity. I am tired of worrying about the future and instead delighting in what is before me. I am tired of what the world offers for happiness and fulfillment and instead I find myself seeking the inner springs of love, deep joy and wholeness that is in God. So all in all in spite of the rust and oil leaks I am looking forward to the year of the GOAT.


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